10 Life Lessons Learned in Malaysia



Wow! I can’t believe we’ve been living here for seven months. Seven months have already flown by…gone…see you later! Throughout these seven months God has been testing my faith and teaching me about living life overseas. Here is my top-ten list of what I’ve learned.

  1. We are fearfully, wonderfully made in God’s image. Complete with God-given gifts and talents to be used to love others and bless others. God is constantly showing me ways that I can bless another through out Bible lessons and interactions with other people in our community. Thank you, God!
  2. God has a plan for your life. If you actively seek Him, He will answer. God is so faithful. We are actively seeking Him to reveal to us a further plan of our establishment here. We continue to be in the adoption process and are waiting for an appointment to get re-fingerprinted…again.  Because your fingerprints change every year! (Sense the sarcasm)
  3. Teaching Grade 5 science is a lot harder than what I thought. Public school textbooks are from an evolutionist point of view. Don’t believe me- ask to borrow your kid’s science book and check it out for yourself. I’m constantly having to teach the kids truth and prove that evolution is a theory. I’ve spent more time arguing my point with a handful of kids than I do actually teaching. I think in the long-run, these secular textbooks will end up hurting our kids and their faith.
  4. Even though Chuck is still coaching basketball, we see more of him. We go to school together and we leave together. Chuck’s classroom is right next door to me, and I get to see Kadence and Ashlynn throughout the day. What a very special time this has been!
  5. Even though we have moved half way across the world, life is still very busy. It’s hard to reflect and have quiet time, but is a must.
  6. Taking time out of your day to pray and read the Bible is the best counseling session ever and it’s FREE!
  7. God wants us to TRUST Him and give Him the glory for our accomplishments. Even though times can be scary or we are put in an uncomfortable situation, He wants us to take a stand and trust in Him.
  8. Motorbikes ALWAYS have the right-of-away.
  9. Even though we have down-sized considerably, I still can’t keep my house clean. Thank you God for showing me our house is lived in.
  10.  We have made many close friends in the short time we’ve been here. Thank you God for allowing us to live in             a community of other believers who share the same faith and joys and heartaches as us. We are thankful that we’re not in this alone, and we have a great support system.

God has taught me a lot about living life overseas. It’s amazing to see the transformation in your life when you ask God to be the center of it all.


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